The purpose of this blog is to share thoughts on happenings in the PR world for an Introduction to PR class at St. Edward’s Univerity.


Landry Taylor is a Sophomore at St. Edward’s University in Austin, TX, where she is studying Communication with an emphasis on Advertising and Public Relations, as well as Journalism.

Landry was born in Houston, TX, but was raised in Corpus Christi, TX from age 4, where she developed her laid-back attitude and love for the coast. She graduated with honors from Flour Bluff High School, where she participated in Girls Basketball. Landry, a lifelong swimmer, turned her passion for the water into a summer job as a lifeguard at the Corpus Christi Country Club, where she is a Swim Camp Counselor.

After Landry moved to Austin, TX as a Freshman in college, she pursued her interest in technology by working as a Technology Consultant at St. Edward’s University.  This allowed her the opportunity to become more proficient in all areas of technology.

Landry values foremost creativity, loyalty, and motivation. She hopes to one day use these values as a PR professional (hopefully in a city by the coast).



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