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I’d like to thank the Academy…

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Last night, I, and countless other people all over the world, tuned in to ABC to watch the 83rd Annual Academy Awards. It was pretty exciting stuff. I love being able to see all the nominees and presenters arrive on the red carpet. I love Anne Hathaway (and James Franco, despite his less than stellar performance as a host). I love almost every single film that was up for an award last night.

However, watching the show got me thinking about what goes on behind the scenes. Director of Communications Leslie Unger is the woman in charge of it all. And I think she did an excellent job. In the article (linked above), she explains a little of what her job entails running such a prestigious awards show, which I found very interesting.

I think she deserves an award of her own.

Also, this was, by far, my favorite part of  last night’s show.




Mini PR Plan

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1. The Situation: Fresh Beans’ desired sales have not been met.

2. Objective: Increase awareness of Fresh Beans and sales by 3% in 3 months.

3. Audience: Austin-area college students age 18-25 that value environmentally friendly products.

4. Strategies: Social media popular among college students will be used as well as promotional coupons to increase awareness of Fresh Beans.

5. Tactics: Fresh Beans will become participants on Foursquare, Yelp!, Gowalla, and Facebook Pages to entice new customers. There will also be a Facebook page created for informing students that Fresh Beans exists and their mission. A Twitter account will be created to inform students of deals and new products. Coupons will be distributed at the University of Texas, St. Edwards, and Austin Community College campuses to increase awareness of Fresh Beans and entice new customers.

6. Calendar: A three month plan will be enacted to increase awareness and sales by 3%. In the first month, all social media accounts will be started. The Twitter account will start following all Austin-area college students linking to the Facebook page. Start a promotional deal that everyone that “likes” the Fresh Beans Facebook page will receive a deal. Distribute coupons on all campuses that first-time customers will receive a deal. Implement rewards cards for frequent visitors. Set up accounts with Foursquare, Yelp!, and Gowalla. In the second month, end the initial promotional campaign and start offering deals to everyone that “checks-in” on their mobile device. Maintain rewards cards for frequent visitors. Get free coverage in campus newspapers. In the third month, offer deals to anyone that refers a friend on Facebook. Continue utilizing social media campaigns.

7. Budget: No money from Fresh Beans is being used in this three-month campaign.

8. Measurement: Increase sales by 3%.

The PR Channel:

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This week in my PR class, we had guest speakers LuAnn Glowacz and Christine Cox from the PR Channel talk to us about their experience in the PR world. They gave us some great insight into what we should be doing as students to aide us in our future careers, such as really honing our writing skills, snagging as many internships as possible, and how blog commenting is just as important as actually blogging.

They really made me feel at ease concerning my transition from the academic world to the professional world by giving me such great tips. They totally sold me on PR as a career path, and I thank them for that.

So, following class last Wednesday, I started a new project. One of my best friends and I started a new blog. It is in the beginning stages, so there is not much to report. However, it is designed to help us in our job searches in a couple years. As soon as we have some content I will post the link on here. I really hope y’all will read it and give us feedback at that time!

Flash Ah-a

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As you think about your future in the PR world, take into consideration the fact that you’ll probably have to design a website of some sort. I found a post outlining seven ways to annoy your website visitors. I thought these tips were useful because they held true to my web-surfing habits.

However, number 7 (too much flash) immediately made me think of another website that I wanted to mention because it totally proves this wrong (in my opinion).

Recently, I was in the market for a new case for my precious iPhone. So, after a quick Google search, I found possibly the coolest website ever. is a website that let’s you design your own case using designs artists have contributed. It is so fun, I could spend hours designing without any intention of actually purchasing a case. Also, take notice (because I know you are looking at the website, right?) that in the upper right-hand corner that the site has won a Webby Award for the website.

So I just wanted you to keep in my mind that having a lot of Flash incorporated into your website is not necessarily a bad thing. It could encourage people to actually spend more time on your site than they otherwise would.