Quality vs. Quantity

In Uncategorized on January 31, 2011 at 2:25 pm

To be honest, I think a lot about how my online identity is perceived by other people. I have accounts on Facebook and Twitter, and everything I post I take into consideration of how it will make me appear before I click ‘post.’ I think I’m somewhat unique in that aspect when it comes to other people my age (but feel free to correct me) because I spend the majority of my time on Facebook scrolling through the nonsense my peers decide to share with the world.

I also wonder how the amount of Facebook friends and Twitter followers I have will affect my online identity. Because, while I’m confident that what I post doesn’t really fall under the “pointless” category, I am a little insecure about the fact that I’m not considered that popular online. I don’t get tons of comments or replies on my posts, but after reading Olguin’s article (linked above), I feel a lot better.

As I am marketing myself and maintaining a certain image that I hope will benefit me in my professional PR endeavors, I am glad to know that having less than 500 friends on Facebook or Twitter followers won’t hinder me. Quality matters more than quantity.

I’m still going to post song lyrics I like and YouTube videos I think are hilarious (even if they’re pretty ridiculous), but I’m glad I don’t have to go and add a bunch of people I hardly know to make myself look like a social butterfly.

  1. Landry,
    You are absolutely right on target when you talk about quality vs. quantity. Many times when thinking about social media, numbers may seem like a great indicator of credibility or reliability. However, your content matters more than your crowd. From a personal perspective it’s better to be open, honest and genuine, rather than fake to gain followers. Later in the semester we will learn about personal branding and best practices, I would love to have your input when we get to that section. I think you are in the minority when it comes to realizing the impact of your digital footprint on your future, which is a good thing!
    Great post,one of my favorites.

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